Automotive Professional Cleaning, Production Support & Facility Maintenance Activity Contracts

WE are one of the leading engineering company in Mumbai (India) connected with Paint Shops/Engine Shop/ Assembly shops etc., for automobile industries. AtTrishul we believe in interweaving of the capabilities of various departments of our clients to enable him to achieve:

  • 1) Optimum productivity
  • 2) High quality
  • 3) Trouble free operation
  • 4) Reduced cost

Deliberations with our clients at various stages of the projects and moulding of our R&D to cater to his need are the salient features of our project management technique.


Trishul believes that the total quality guarantee can be ensured by following the full circle viz.:

  • Correct analysis of the customer need
  • Perfect designing of the plant or equipment
  • Adoption of total quality concept during manufacture and installation
  • Stringent quality checks of the raw material
  • Regular health check-up of the machineries and equipment
  • Strong after sales service
  • Feed back to the client

The zero defect quality solution is very necessary for warships, nuclear installations etc. and Trishul had the opportunity to deliver its services in such sectors. In Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry also Trishul's inherent principle of zero defects plays a significant role.

With many years of experience in automobile paint shop Trishul has pin pointed the areas of concern for quality such as:

  • Dust entering from the floors, crevices, openings and depositing on the trusses / walls / equipments etc.
  • Dust entering through the movement of human being and equipments. The rubbish generated at the work place

Trishul has developed methods of truss / wall cleaning which includes

  • Dry cloth dusting Wet cloth wiping Dry cloth wiping

The above method has proved very effective compared to the conventional methods. Trishul has always taken the lead to induct Hi-Tech

methods of cleaning e.g.:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • High pressure jet cleaning.
  • Sand Blast method of Cleaning.

We have vast experience of extensive cleaning in the following areas:

  • Zinc Oxide plants (Filter bags, pneumatic conveying system etc)
  • Solvent extraction plant. (Filters, pipeline, sludge pit etc.)
  • Marine installation (Ship's double bottom, piping, oil tanks etc.)
  • Automobile paint shops (Sludge pit, grating, paint spray booth, filters, discharge duct, exhaust duct etc)

While executing a cleaning process in any type of industry we strive to create a data bank for our client which offers the first hand information to them our about:

  • The extent of wear and tear
  • The areas in need of improvement
  • Possible modifications
  • Efficiency of the existing system
  • Damages to equipment and their probable cause

This data bank works as a pathological report of the plant providing our client ample time to take the counter measures. This methodology bears a direct weightage on the quality improvement and results into following benefits:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Extended residual life
  • Improvement in the quality of painting
  • Clean and pleasant working environment
  • Consequent improved efficiency of the
  • manpower
  • Overall cost reduction.
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